Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Telekung: Forget-Me-Not

Well... these are selections of cool telekungs that I describe as "Forget-Me-Not"!

REMEMBER! Each item is exclusive i.e. 1 design = 1 item only so...  hurry!

Travel Telekung

With cute embroidery & amazing colours

Fabric: Silky Polyester

(Top Length: 47 inch; Skirt Length 43 inch)

  ONLY RM 29.00 each (include postage & packing)

Travel Cream (01)SOLD; Mustard (02)SOLD; Green1 (03)SOLD; Green2 (04)SOLD; Purple (05)SOLD

Travel Lilac (06)SOLD; Beige (07)SOLD; Maroon (08) SOLD; Blue (09)SOLD

Cotton Telekung

With cute EMBOSSED embroidery

Fabric: Silky Cotton

(Top Length: 50 inch; Skirt Length 44 inch)

  ONLY RM 89.00 each (include postage & packing)

Emboss Pink Rose - 01

Emboss Green Rose - 02

Emboss Purple Rose - 03

Emboss Brown Rose - 04SOLD

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